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Standard Lease
HQ MP3 (320kbps)
Distribute up to 5,000 units
No Vocal Tag
Royalty Free
Instant Delivery
Premium Lease
WAV + HQ MP3 (24bit/320kbps)
Distribute up to 12,500 units
No Vocal Tag
Royalty Free
Instant Delivery
Unlimited Lease
WAV Trackouts + HQ MP3 (24bit/320kbps)
Unlimited Distribution
No Vocal Tag
Royalty Free
Instant Delivery


Frequently Asked Questions

What are leased beats?

The way leasing works is that a producer allows his or her beats to be used by an artist for a price and terms the producer sets—the artist can only have their song available for a limited amount of time, for example, or only sell a certain amount of copies. The producer can make that same deal again with a multiple artists and clients.

What are the benefits of purchasing leased beats?

There are many great perks to purchasing leased beats. For starters, the price difference is usually exponentially smaller! In most cases, leased beats are also royalty free, meaning you don't have to pay the producer a percentage of your sells and/or streams. With a leased beat, you still have the option to sell your tracks and profit from your music! If your on a limited budget, purchasing a leased beat will save you money, allowing you to focus your extra money on promotional and marketing materials.

What file formats do you offer?

High quality MP3 (320kbps), WAV (24bit), and WAV Trackouts

Do you offer other music services?

Yes, we offer mixing and mastering services for both producers and artists! We also have a dedicated team that specializes in graphic design, making sure that your product has that professional look.

About FilthyDirty Productions

We aim to bring artists high quality instrumentals at competitive prices. Our instrumentals are created using industry leading software and hardware, ensuring optimal sound fidelity. FilthyDirty Productions uses an array of hand-built, custom made sounds from top producers including Sean Decay, Traj "Ten" Hardie, and Sam Cannarella. Working with the sound design team at Initial Audio, FilthyDirty brings a unique deliverance to his instrumentals with finely tuned melodies, heavy hitting bass, and guaranteed BANG for your speakers.

Production Credits

Here are a few artists we have worked with


Zach Lindz - Superstar (produced by FilthyDirty Productions). Subscribe to FilthyDirty Productions YouTube channel.

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